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Spanish voice overs.Voice overs. Voice over talents. Spanish voice over talent. Multilingual voice over agency

Spanish voice overs. Spanish voice over.   Spanish native voice overs. Voice overs. Voice artists. Voice talents. Voice over services.  Spanish voice over talents. Spanish voice over services.  Multilingual Voice over talents agency. Dubbing movies in Spanish. Dubbing films in Spanish.   Spanish female voice overs. Spanish male voiceovers. Male voice over. Female voice over. Jingles.  Professional voice actors. Voice overs rates. Spanish voiceovers producer. Spanish voice overs agency. Spanish voice talents. Children voice overs. Recording studios in Madrid,Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, La Coruña, Ciudad Real, Sevilla, Bilbao, Pontevedra, Tarragona and  Madrid (Spain). We are + 5000 voiceovers, 85 different languages.  Voice over company in Spain.  Spanish voice talent for narration videos and documentaries. Narration for e-learning courses ( Spanish voice overs , French voice overs, English voice overs Dutch voice overs, Portuguese voice overs, Italian voice overGerman voice overs, Korean voice overs, Polish voiceovers, Chinese voiceovers talent...) Spanish Castilian voiceovers and Latin American Neutral Spanish voice overs  .  Full audio productions.  Spanish dubbers for films and spots.  Audio production in Spain. Production Music Library. Royalty free music free, jingles commercials.   Spanish dubbing services. Spanish voice overs company based in Spain. Recording studio in Madrid, Ciudad Real, Bilbao, Valencia, Alicante, Tarragona,  Barcelona, Málaga. Voiceovers, recording studios in: Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, China, Germany, U.K., Mexico, USA and Chile. Voice over talent in Madrid and Barcelona.  Recording for European Spanish voice overs for dubbing and animation. Madrid voice talent. Barcelona voice talent. Voice over talent rates. Voice overs talent agency. Do you want to know how we work? visit our methodology page. Escena Digital voice overs is the first Spanish website with professional voice overs talent. Spanish European/Castilian voices actors  that work around the world by internet. Recording studio in Madrid . Recording studio in Barcelona. Spanish dubbing services. Voice over quotes.  Recording studio in Spain. Spanish dubbing-sound  studio.  Recording studio in Alicante and Valencia.  Escena Digital provides Spanish Voice Dubbing . Voice overs directory.  

 Spanish voice overs: recording documentary. Voice over production Don Quijote de la Mancha, Spanish audiobook   Aran, Spanish voice over. Commercial recording  for Google Deysy, Latin American Spanish  voice over .
Spanish female voice overs. Group A
Spanish female voice talent

Marta B

Spanish Voice over: Adult Professional voice actor, Professional voice actress


 Spanish Voice over:  Youn Adult

Voices of children, adolescents and cartoons

  Voices of children, adolescents and cartoons. Professional voice actress
Marta B is Spanish female voice over. She is journalist and broadcaster with decades of experience in advertising. Spanish voice over of e-learning and corporate videos. Spanish voice over. Catalonian voice talten.  Spanish voice actress   Spanish female voice over talent. Lourdes is dub actress in spanish and catalonian language. Also advertising and commercial content, industrial videos, documentaries and e-learning courses. Spanish voice over. Catalonian voice talten.  Spanish voice actress

Spanish voice over. Locutora. Spanish voice talent


Spanish voice over:  adult

locutora, locutoras

Laura C

 Spanish young voice over

Spanish voice over. Valencian voice talent  

  Spanish female voice over:

Voice actress and broadcaster with over 20 years experience in major national radio, advertising and dubbing.Voice over radio announcer and voice actress


She is Spanish voice over talent.  She is voice over actress for dubbing television.  We have recorded  commercials for Carrefour, Ikea, Crayola...

    locutora, actriz doblaje  


Voice over:  young


Spanish female voice over


Voiceover:  Adult

Voices of children, adolescents and cartoons

Spanish voice over. Catalonian voice overs. Voices of children, adolescents and cartoons

Spanish female Castilian voice over and journalist. News broadcaster at channel Cuatro (Spain). Voices of children, adolescents and cartoons.

Aran is Spanish voice talents. She has a long career as a radio announcer. His tone is positive and cheerful, so it is common to hear it in advertising. She is the voice of  the tutorials of Google Ads.Spanish voice over. Spanish voice actress. Catalonian voice over


Marta Pal

Voice:  Adult

Spanish voice over, Spanish voice talent, Spanish female voice over


Voice:  Adult

Spanish voice over talent. Catalonian voice over

Spanish female voice talent. and Catalonian voice over

Spanish european female voice over talent. Marta is journalist; and sounad perfect for documentaries, e-learning courses and corporative videos.  Marta also could record in Catalonian, her native language. Spanish voice over.

Virgina is Spanish voice over, broadcaster, singer and presenter. Virginia is a recognized voice in advertising on radio and television teleshopping.Spanish voice over. Catalonian voice over



Voice:  Adult


spanish voice over, spanish voice talent


Voice:  Adult

Spanish voice over talent and radio host


Galician voive over  and Spanish-Castilian voice talent

Aurora records e-learning courses and corporative videos for brands as Panasonic, Decathlon or Amazon. Radio voice and voiceover talent   Mar is Spanish castilian voice over and Galician voice over talent. Her tone fitz perfectly to commercials, dub,  voice acting, documentaries, commercial and narration.  She is also dub actress.Proffesional voice talent
Viondi Voice:  Adult Estíbaliz Voice:  young adult

Spanish voice over and tv host

Spanish and basque voiceover

Viondi is fully dedicated to the voice from 30 years ago. She works in every kind of recordings: advertising, corporative videos, e-learning courses, documentaries and games. Journalist and narrative voice talent

  She knows every gender. Between her customers, brands as La Caixa, Guggenheim Museum, Repsol and also Spanish Goverment and Basque Goverment. Young adult voice, children and teenagers




locutora, voice over Anna Spanish voice over actress   locutoras, locutora, voice over, voiceover Ana Vi voice: young
Spanish voice  actress. Catalan voice over   Spanish voice over actress
Professional voice over with 20 years of experience in Catalan or continental Spanish. 
Versatile voice for  advertising, e-learning, documentaries, characters... Also singer and voice teacher.
  Ana has been working over a decade as a voice over, actress and singer for national and international companies, being the habitual voice of some of them. Her voice is multifaceted, fresh and clear. Ana Vi,  Spanish voice talent
locutora, locutoras      

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Spanish male voice overs. Group A


Spanish male voice over.  Spanish voice over talent


Voice:  Adult


Spanish male voice over, Spanish voiceover, Spanish voice talent


Voice:  Adult

Spanish voice over talent.

Spanish Castilian voice over. Catalonian voice over

Óscar is a great voice talent with more than 20 years experience. Announcer for commercial and narration radio and tv.  He usually  dubs documentaries an all kind of audiovisual projects. Voice talent. Voice over


Albert is a famous Spanish voice over talent, pioneer in catalonian radio with more than 30 years experienced. He records in spanish and catalonian commercials,  promos , trainings, radio advertising, audiobooks , videos and documentaries...Voice talent. Voice over



Voice:  middle age- young adult



Voice:  middle age- young adult

Spanish Castilian and catalonian voice over.

Spanish young voice over.

His voice is perfect for young and middle age characters. Dub actor with a long and experienced career in all kind of voice recordings. Videos, documentaries, radio and tv,  corporate presentations,  podcasts,industrials, audio books, cartoon voices. 


Javier is voice over of one of the flagships of a major national radio. Moreover, it is one of the voices of the McFit training gyms. He also gives voice to corporate and advertising.Spanish young voice over.



Voice:  Adult



Voice:  Adult

Spanish voice talent.

Spanish voice over

Spanish voice over , Deep voice and calm style. Spanish radio voice over talent with 18 years of experience in a romantic radio program.  Author of scripts for radio. Author of songs for radio and Tv.


Actor, host of tv, voice talent, voiceover... Roberto is a versatile talent and know all kind of recordins: e-learning, narrations, documentaries, corporatives, advertising.



Voice:  Adult



Voice: young voice

Spanish Castilian voice over. Catalonian voice over

Spanish Castilian voice talent.

Voice talent artist in spanish and catalonian. Joel is a great voice talent with more than 20 years experience. Announcer for commercial and narration radio and tv.  He also dub documentaries an all kind of audiovisual projects.Voice over and documentary voice


Spanish Castiliano voice over. His voice is perfect for young  age characters. Dub actor with a long and experienced career in all kind of voice recordings.  Spanish voice talent for videos, documentaries, radio and tv,  corporate presentations,  podcasts,industrials, audio books, cartoon voices.  Voice talent and dub actor



Voice:  Young voice


David L

Voice:  Adult

Spanish Castilian voice talent. Catalonian voice over

Voice talent. Voice over

Spanish Castilian and Catalonian Voice over. His voice is perfect for young and middle age characters. Voice talent with a long and experienced career in all kind of voice recordings since he was 15.Spanish young voice talent


He is a spanish male voice talent with more than 20 years experience in radio. He is the male voice of e-learning coursesfor Microsoft  and castilian voice talent for audiobooks, documentaries, ads, radio content... He is also audio engineer and producer in radio.


David F

Voice: middle age- young voice


Xavi F

Voice:  Adult

Spanish male voice talent. Voice over

Spanish Castilian voiceover. Catalonian voice over

David F is more than 15 years experience. Voice of e-learning courses and castilian voice talent for audiobooks, radio, documentaries, ads, radio content... He is also audio engineer and event host. Spanish youn voice over


Xavi is an experienced broadcaster and dub actor in Catalonia. Performs all kinds of recordings: corporate, advertising, courses, tutorials, spots, broadcast...



Voice:  young voice


locutor, spanish voice over

Carlos Al

Voice:  Adult

Spanish Castilian voice over. Catalonian voice over talent

Spanish voice over talent

Xadi is a very usual voice on tv channels. He´s voiceover of famous docurrealities on spanish television, catalonian advertising and dub of tv and cinema films.Voice talent. Spanish Voice over


Voice over and professional speaker. Extensive experience in dubbing since 1996  Experience in TV news, documentary narration, voiceover advertising. Expert in speech and voice actor.Voice talent.  Spanish Voice over

    locutor, Spanish voice over, spanish voice over talent  

Bernardo Spanish male voice over   locutor, locutores, locutores de radio Luisma Spanish Castilian voice over
Spanish voice over. Deep voice Spanish voice over. Young voice
Voice actor since 25 years ago, Bernardo lets his voice to films, documentaries, corporative videos and advertising for national brands. Narrative voice over talentSpanish voice over. Deep voice   Dubbing actor passionate about the audiovisual media content. Young/average voice with great versatility and impression skills which has participated in tv shows, shorts, documentaries, videogames as well as tv spots, radio spots, learning guides, e-learning, corporate videos, loud speakers....

Carlos C Spanish male voice over  

Ander Spanish voice talent
Spanish voice over   Spanish young voice over talent
Spanish Castilian voice over. Majorcan voice over Carlos has an elegant and warm voice. Experience in advertising, corporate, documentary, apps ,e- learning.Voice usual big brands. Spanish voice over talent.   Young Voice over ten years of experience in the sector in Spanish and Basque. Recognizable voice in numerous spots, advertisements, series, movies and video games. Spanish young voice over talent.



 Escena Digital voice overs - video dubbing recording

Mar, recording corporate video Teleshopping recording.  Jason team American English voice overs Dani, Spanish voice over. Leño , Pet Spanish Basketball team

Charles, English voice over.  Dubbing spot "Tuna"


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