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Portuguese Voice Overs. Portuguese voice over. Portuguese voice talents. Portuguese voice artists.  European Portuguese from Portugal Voice overs productions: Female and Male  voices.  Portuguese Voice-overs talents. The best voice overs of Portugal . We are + 5000 Voice Overs ( Spanish voiceover, Brazilian  Dubbing production.  Brazilian dubbers) . Portuguese  voiceovers for commercial, telephone: Radio, films, If you need Portuguese voice overs for animation, comercials, Imaging, trailers, films. Portugueses  voice overs for Cd room, e-learning courses and multimedia.  Portuguese voices. Dubbing  for Portuguese  voice overs artists. Portuguese  voiceovers rates. Portuguese European voiceovers.  Portuguese European rates.  Portuguese voice over rates.

Portuguese female voiceovers. Group A   Portuguese male voiceovers. Group A
Catarina, portuguese female talent José A, portuguese male voice talent
Silvia C, portuguese female voice talent Miguel, portuguese male voice talent
María Joao, portuguese female voiceover Américo, portuguese male voice talent
Carla, Portuguese female voice over Escena Digital portuguese voiceover´s team. Luis M, Portuguese male voice over
Sara, portuguese female talent   Arcindo, portuguese male voiceover
Anna Ric, Portuguese female  voice artist jingle radio, jingle anuncio television Paolo Amor, Portuguese male voice over
Vania, portuguese female voice actress. Amilcar, Portuguese male voice over
Vanessa, Portuguese female voice over Vanessa, Portuguese singer. Jingles for television spots José Joao, portuguese male voiceover
locutora portuguesa Pau, Portuguese voice over Paulo Ricardo, Portuguese male voice over
Catia, portuguese female voiceover Jose Ri, Portuguese male voice over
Alexandra Ric, Portuguese female voice talent locutor portugues Alexandre, Portuguese voice over
Liliana, portuguese female voiceover   locutor portugues, portuguese voice over Tomás, Portuguese voice talent
Joana Ara, Portuguese voice over      
Portuguese female voice overs. Group B Portuguese male voice overs. Group B
Marta, portuguese female voiceover Bruno, portuguese male dub actor
Alexandra, portuguese female voice. Girl voice Isaías, portuguese male dub actor
Vania, portuguese female voice actress. Girl voice Miguel Ricardo, portuguese male dub actor
Adelina, Portuguese female voice over Fabio, portuguese male dub actor
Mariana, Portuguese female voice over Tv spot for "Vibo Viajes" with Arcindo´s voice, portuguese actor

Humberto, Portuguese male voice over
Claudia, Portuguese voice over   José Luis, portuguese male voiceover
Susana, portuguese female voice actress Helio, Portuguese voice over
Liliana, portuguese female voiceover   Isauro, Portuguese male voice over
      Ricardo, portuguese male voiceover

Portuguese female voice overs. Group C   Portuguese male voice overs. Group C
Joana Jorge A
María M Paulo
Sonia Joao Pedro

Liliana, portuguese voiceover and event host 

Jorge, portuguese male voiceover
Silia   Lidio
Silvia Bra   Pedro
Alexandra 2 David Mon
Monica Tiago
Filomena, portuguese female voiceover Mario
Inés   Joao Carlos Far, portuguese male voiceover
Ana Luc   Isidro
Carla Portuguese voice overs. Portuguese voice talents Daniel, portuguese male voiceover
Lénia César
María Andre
Teresa, portuguese female voiceover Emanuel, Portuguese male voice over
Solange, portuguese angolian voiceover      


Portuguese children voice overs

Alexandra, Portuguese child voice over

Portuguese spot with Arcindo, Marta and Silvia

Vania, Portuguese child voice artist


María, Portuguese child voice over
Bea, Portuguese child voice over  
Martim, Portuguese child voice over  


Vanessa, Portuguese child singer and voice over    
Daniela, Portuguese singer , child voice over    
Joana, Portuguese singer and child voice over    
cantantes portuguesas Vanessa, jingle for television . Spot    


Main recordings in portuguese from Portugal

Portuguese dub with Arcindo and Silvia Dubbing documentary  "Agora" with Portuguese voice overs Spot "Energy". Miguel´s voice and royalty free song from our library Video for the "Starwin" website recorded by Miguel


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