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Galician voice over. Galician voice talents . Galician voice overs. Galician recording studio. Galician voice over services

Galician voice over. Galician voice overs. Galician voice talents. Galician voiceovers services. Galician voiceovers agency. Galician voice overs video recording. Galician voice overs for e-learning courses. Galician voice overs for documentaries and spots.  Recording studio in Galicia (Spain).  Recording dubbing studio in La Coru´┐Ża (Spain-Galicia). Galician voice overs for commercials and IVR recordings. Recordings for Galician natives voice overs. Galician voice overs for television. Galician voice overs for dubbing.  Galician voice over rates.  

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Galician female voice talents.  Group A   Galician male voice overs.  Group A
locutora gallega Mar, Galician female voice over

Galician voice over. Galician voice talent. Galician female voice over

Julio, Galician male voice over
Sonia V, Galician female voice over Jorge, Galician male voice over
locutora gallega, galician voice over Saracas, Galician voice over Jose F, Galician male voice over
Galician voice over, locutora gallega Sandra Sor, Galician voice talent

Mar, Galician voice over talent

locutor gallego, galician voice over Paulo Reg, Galician voice talent
locutora gallega, Galician voice over Merce Galician voice talent   Dai, Galician voice over
Teba, Galician voice over   David Ex, Galician voice talent
locutora gallega Estela, Galician voice over   Pablo, Galician voice over
locutora gallega, galician voice over Ada, Galician voice over   Gustavo, Galician voice over

Spanish government spot
. Galician voice over team
Educational-tutorial recording" in galician with Mar voice over talent.
Galician female voice talents.  Group B   Galician male voice talents.  Group B
Raquel  locutora, Spanish voice over talent, Spanish female voice over
Sabela Luis
Lucia Demetrio
Luz   Juan M
Sonia R Galician voice overs Gustavo 2
Sonia Rod Fran Gonz
Soledad Antonio Gig
Cristina M    
Sara Ig, Galician female voice talent    

Jorge, galician voice talent; recording for the School of Civil Engineer of Galicia


Galician voice overs team reel


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