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Foreign voice over. Multilingual voice overs-90 languages. Multilingual voice over agency


Foreign voice over.Multilingual voice overs agency. Foreign voice overs. Foreign voice talent. Multilingual voiceovers.  Multilingual voice talents. Dubbing and recording studios in Madrid and Barcelona ( Spain)Multilingual voice-overs in over 85 languages Greek voice overs, Korean voice overs,  Serbian voiceovers, Croatian voiceovers.  Rumanian voice overs, Arab voice overs. Swedish and Norwegian voice over, Polish voice overs, Russian voice overs, Spanish voice over, French voice over....5000 voiceovers artist + 85 foreigner languages.   Foreign dubbing rates. Foreign dubbing quotes

Announcers and actors of professional dubbings for the recording wedge of radio spots of television, CD-ROMs and dvds interactive, audio-visual guides and advertising for companies and producers of radio(radius) and of television . Announcers and actors of dubbing Greeks, Turkish, Moroccan, Russian, Norwegian announcers, announcers of dubbing of Denmark, dubbing for announcers of Holland, dubbing in Romania, announcers of dubbing of Greece, Rumanian announcers, etc.  Foreign voice over rates.  Multilingual voice over rates. Multilingual voice over quotes.

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Voiceovers. England


Voice overs. Italy


Voice overs. Spain

foreigner voice overs

Charles. English voice over Laura M., Italy voice talent Ar�n, Spanish voice talent
Reuben.  English male voice talent   Federica  Italian voice talent   Mar,  Spanish voice talent  
Faye. English female voice talent   Zamira, Italy voice talent   Laura, Spanish voice talent  
Lesley. English voice talent   Max, Italy voice talent   Joel, Spanish voice talent  
Tony. English voice talent   Paolo, Italy voice talent   Iv�n, Spanish voice talent  
Srah,  English voiceover locutora inglesa, English voice over, English British voice over Ilario, Italy voice talent Jesus,  Spanish voice talent

Latin American  voice overs

  Voice-overs. Brazil  

Voiceovers. France

Foreign voiceovers, Foreign voice over  
Foreign voice over      
Antonio C,  Latin American voice over   Priscila,  Brazilian  voice talent   Faye, French  voice talent  
Hayfa, Latin American voice over   Glauce, Brazilian voice talent   Nathalie, French voice talent  
Magda, Latin American voice artist   Edi,  Brazilian voice talent   Fiorina,  French voice talent  
Eva, Latin American voice talent   Charles,  Brazilian voice talent   Jean D., French voice talent  

Mauricio, Latin American voice

  Junior,  Brazilian voice talent   Jerome, French voice talent  

Juan C Latin American voice talent


Edu, Brazilian voice over

  Jean Mor, French voice talent  

Voice-overs. Portugal

Foreign voice over  

Voice overs. Germany


Voice overs. United States

Foreign voice over  
Catarina, Portuguese voice talent   Fatima, German voice talent   Diane,  American  voice talent  
Sara, Portuguese voice talent   Heike, German voice talent   Kurt, American  voice over  
Silvia C, Portuguese  voice talent   Natascha, German voice   Jason, American voice talent  
Miguel M. , Portuguese voice talent   Ilja, German voice talent   Ted, North American voice talent  
Americo, Portuguese voice talent   Benjamin, German voice   Ross, North American voice talent  
Arcindo,Portuguese  voice talent   Sebastian, German voice  

Dixie, North America voice over



Russian voice talents Recordings videos
Alona, Russian voice overs
Loudmila, Russian voice overs
Helena, Russian voice overs
Max, Russian voice overs Ross American voice over, recording documentary "Solar"
Anna, Russian voice overs  
Anatolijs, Russian voice overs  
Ilona, Russian voice overs  


Angolan voice talents
 Oliveira, Angolan voiceover.
Solange, Angolan female voice over.


Andorra voice talents
Joan Albert , Andorra male voiceover
Conxa,  Andorra female voiceover


Cuban voice talents

  Alejandro,  Cuban voiceover. Voiceover of Cuba.


Dominican voice talents

Foreign voice over

 Danilo,  Dominican voiceover. Voiceover of Saint Domingo


Persian voice talents

Foreign voice over Alessandro, Persian voiceover artist.


Croatian and serbian voice talents

 Snjezana, Croatian voiceover.

Snjezana, Serbian voiceover.


Romanian voice talents
Mihail, Romanian voiceover
Marius, locutor rumano.



Danish voice talents
Michael, Danish voice over
Nana. Female Danish voice overs.


Turkish voice talents

Murad,Turkish voiceover
Jue, Turkish voiceover
Eser, Turkish voiceover
Aysun, Turkish female voiceover


Kazakh voice talents

 Aligman, Kazakh male voiceover
 Zhandos, Kazakh male voiceover artist
Gulsamal, female Kazakh voice
Jdanos, Kazakh male voiceover
Kuat, Kazakh male voiceover


Uzbeks voices

Akmal, uzbek male talent
Mansur, voiceover from Uzbekist�n
Flyura, uzbek female talent
Barno, uzbek female talent


Arabic voice talents



Norwegian voice talents

Leif, Norwegian voice over


Greek voice talents

Mar�a , Greek voice over)
Cosmas, Greek voice over)
Dean, Greek voice over)
Nikos, Greek voice over)
Philippos, Greek voice over)
Manolis, Greek voice over)


Polish voice talents
Aneta, Polish voiceover
Jarek, Polish voiceover
Karolina, Polish voiceover
Konrad, Polish voiceover


Belgian voice talents
Tim, Belgian male voiceover
Marie, Belgian female voiceover artist


Indian voice talents
Peter Ab, Indian voiceover


Thai voice talents
Sun,  Thai male Voiceover . Thailand
Jantima, Thai female voiceover.



Vietnamese voice talents
Chan, Vietnamese voiceover


African voice talents
 Sanjo,   English African Nigeria male voiceover


Latin american  voice talents
 Susana, Latin American Neutral Spanish female  voice over
Gerardo, Latin American neutral Spanish male voiceover.



Filipina voice talents

 Geraldine, Filipina female voice over.


Hebrew voice talents
Gilkomar,Hebrew male voiceover
Irit, Hebrew female voice over
Tamir, Hebrew female voice over


Africaans voice talents

 David Che, Africaans voiceover


South Africa english voice talents
David Che, English South Africa voiceover


French moroccan voice talents
 Majhoud,French Moroccan voice over.


Swahili voice talents

  Oscar,  Swahili , Kenya  voice over.


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World voices

  Escena Digital voice overs

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