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Car commerial. Car Commercial voice over. Television voice over talents. Television car spots recording.  Automotive voice overs.  Automotive voice talents.  Broadcasters and professional voice artist.  Car commercial voice overs recordings. Spanish voice over talent for television spot. Spanish studio recording, interactive cd roms and dvds, audiovisual and advertising guidelines for companies and producers.  Television car spotsVoiceovers for commercials for top national broadcasters. Professional Audio TV spots. Spots Broadcasters local, regional and national .

Broadcasters   car spots television. Voice talents for automotive  car spots channels. Television voice overs quote.  Television voice talents rates for spots recording. Television voice actors and actress rates.  English, Italian, Russian and French voice talents for television spots.  Recording studio costs for spots. Voice overs recordings spots. Television voice over rates.

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Voice overs for television recordings

Sebastian, German voice talent. Recording for the television spot "Seat Leon Xperience" Charles, English voice talent.  Recording car spot for "Renault" Paolo,  Italian voice over.  Recording spot "Seat Le�n" Jazz Music for commercial spots

commercial voice over

 Vlad, Russian male voice over. Formula 3 recording

Carlos, Spanish voice talent.  Recording spot "Seat Leon Xperience"

      Reuben,  English voice over.  Recording spot "Remotors" Recording spot "Motocircuito".  Spanish voice talent "Javier J"  

locutor anuncios




David, Spanish voice over. Recording "cleaning car Autobrillante". Educational video.

Roberto, Spanish voice talent   Dubbing commerical spot "Cranes Genie".  Spanish voice overs talents team Jean Moran.  French voice over for television spot.

Television and radio car commercial recordings



  commercial voice over locutor, voice over  
Jean Moran, French voice talent.  Spot "Formula 1 races"        
Roberto, Spanish voice over.  Recording commercial spot "Volvo"          
Albert, radio spot for Yam�vil.  Royalty-free music made by Escena Digital     Loinaz,  Basque voice over.  Recording IVR message for a Garage.  Royalty free music
David Sam and Laura,  Spanish voice actors;    "Blablacar". Music by our compositions.    


  This is a song for car toy.  Musician: Jaku  

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